Our Company's Mission Statement

"Westrum Development Company is a team of talented individuals who works with government agencies and community groups to seek unique opportunities, creating exceptional urban and suburban communities that address diverse needs and complement the surrounding region."


Westrum Development Company’s primary value will always be focused on creating exceptional communities. We promise to build homes of present and lasting value to enhance the lifestyle of families. And we hope that in return this conveys the pride of our employees, while earning the respect of our customers, and continuing to build admiration in the home building industry.

About Westrum Development Company

A company built on strong foundations of family tradition, hard work and dedication, Westrum Development Company has excelled in the homebuilding and real estate industry for over 26 years and is recognized today as one of the leading homebuilders and developers in the mid-Atlantic region. The company’s schematic was developed in 1986 by CEO, Chairman and 2nd Generation Homebuilder, John A. Westrum, in his college dorm room at Bucknell University. Between 1987 and 2012 the continuous innovation and fortitude of John Westrum has resulted in over 2,500 homes built and occupied, countless industry awards, numerous corporate acquisitions, and excellent investor and lender relationships.

What began as a small, single family homebuilder, Westrum Development Company quickly grew into a talented team of real estate experts concentrated on development and expansion in local, regional and national markets. In 2001, Westrum Development Company shifted corporate focus to new urban and redevelopment opportunities after they sold their remaining assets in the Philadelphia suburban areas. Today, Westrum Development Company is known for their success in creating growth prospects out of under-served niche markets, including upscale active adult and new market-rate for sale and rental housing in underutilized urban areas. Westrum Development Company's knowledge of the building and real estate industry goes beyond traditional homebuilding. Over the years, Westrum Development Company has diversified product, design, services and operations to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

Years of hard work and dedication are the result of combined efforts and contributions from our extraordinary team of talented individuals who have literally, constructed the company from the ground up. And as a result of our outstanding team work, Westrum Development Company has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition in the Philadelphia area for community, sales, project management, customer service, ethics, environmental, and land planning development. Overall, the Westrum team has impressive dedication to the company and more importantly, its customers.

The Westrum Development Company's team understands that success is the result of everyone contributing his/her best efforts everyday. By implementing Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence (P.R.I.D.E.) into each project or task at hand, employees find satisfaction in their work and pride in their accomplishments.

Westrum Development Company has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognition—ranging from community, sales, and project management to customer service, ethics, environmental, and land planning. Westrum Development Company has also been honored for on-going community service and recognized in various national industry and business related publications.

Westrum Development Company is a progressive company that is widely respected for identifying niches, seizing new opportunities, and rising to the challenges presented by these opportunities.


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